There is a Entrepreneur in everyone of us.

Talk less, do more. That’s it. If there is one piece of advice I tell everyone is show me what you can do.

But you have nothing to prove to me! We have all been entrepreneurs since we were born. Remember that for the future. Being in the right place and right time takes a combination of luck and fate. Failure should never deter you, success of others should motivate. Be positive in your relationships, running a startup is as much about sprinting as it is undertaking a 50K race. It requires talent and foresight. These and other characteristics will develop over time and mistakes so embrace the ups and downs. Don’t be distracted by the bright lights and success when you get there. Remember your roots and give back to those who are starting their journeys. This is at the heart of being a entrepreneur, it is a community of people who share and give their time freely. It is a universal bond that span cultures, religion, age and gender. Enjoy the experience and I am here is help.

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